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About Me

My background

I live in Fort Worth, Texas.  I am currently working as an artist, Bible teacher and mentor.  

I have had the luxury of calling some of the most beautiful places in the USA home, such as, Laguna Beach, California, Boulder City, Nevada and Sedona, Arizona.  My birthplace is a small coal mining town in Western Pennsylvania called Rillton.  

I grew up as the youngest and only girl among my three brothers.  My father had an eighth grade education and became very successful in the building and wholesale distributorship of home products.  Over the years, beginning to work for dad at fifty cents per hour, provided me with the understanding of providing quality service and excellence on every level, the old fashioned way, through honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and working with raw creative passion.

I relocated to Texas in 2010 for ministry pursuits, and branched into the fashion industry which allowed the possibility to explore and fulfill a personal dream while assisting transition for the owners, then moving into real estate.  On December 24, 2016, I married my "mighty man of valor," through an unexpected meeting and the grace and mercy of God!

I am now creating touchable HEART ART LOOSED pieces to allow others to see the inner beauty they may not yet realize, but soon embrace!

My experience

CREATING ART…being on canvas, in fashion, with food, or decorating a home, has been a staple of my life for many years with the core being the essence of the expression of beauty with unbridled passion, mixed with child-like wonder and play. Freedom in play are key, a reckless (harmless) abandon to the creative child, allows the art to flow! When the creative beauty that is inherent in each one of us is given freedom to release through the vehicle of art, it is filled with all the human senses, some that have been untapped and waiting for the privilege to come alive again – even the hard and difficult times of life come to “new life-expressions,” as they are released through the paint and play process. 

    · Personal critique by Andy Lakey, Artist and Author in Sedona, Arizona, 2001. Work is modeled after his “One Heart” collection and use of bas relief technique of mixed media and paint raised texturally from the canvas, creating a three-dimensional painting for a  “touchable art” result.   

 · Self-taught through hands-on exploration in various mediums beginning with ceramic, pottery, glass, water color, charcoals, and then the bold explosion of color and texture through mixed-media acrylic layering on canvas, wood, or glass with the focal point of one or more hearts predominant or hidden within an abstract of color, form, and texture.   

· Direction through books and application, such as, The Artist Way by Julia Cameron, along with gallery relationships and artist interactions in Sedona, Arizona and Laguna Beach, California, as inspiration in the conceptualization and forming of the present day child-like explosion of color on canvas, articulated through the heart of innocent simplicity and freedom, made to touch and be touched.   

My vision

From my home base in Forth Worth, TX, I create custom art pieces, tied to the Holy Scripture, and provide a story of the process, which normally the recipient can relate to in multiple aspects of their current life journey, thus allowing a visual expression tied with the truth of God’s Word. From my own brokenness and continual understanding that it was and only is Jesus, who brought me back into the loving Presence of God, 

I can truly say...

“Woman thou art loosed,”

 as written in Luke 13:12.  

 It’s all a beautiful mystery to me!



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The heart like art is meant to be Passionately-free and Beautiful!

Allow me the privilege to create your custom Heart Art Loosed on canvas and story.  Contact via email or phone for details.  

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